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AltaLink L.P. is bursting with pride over its progress in building high-voltage power transmission infrastructure in the Christina Lake oilsands region.
Collaborative supply chain management (SCM) is gaining ground in the oilsands industry as operators learn how to yield value from new ways of dealing with suppliers.
Sean Reid is a proud Nova Scotia businessman who owns and operates 45-year-old Mulgrave Machine Works Limited, a custom metal fabricator founded by his father that has become one of the largest employers in the small town of Mulgrave, N.S.
Investment website The Motley Fool has called it “one of the market’s best-kept secrets.” In March, Peters & Co. Limited described it as a “top pick in our coverage universe.” The Financial Post has quoted analysts lauding its market dominance and dependable stock performance. One expert even went so far as to declare that it would take another company five years to build up a similar market position as this player, which holds a commanding position in one of the key oilsands support sectors.
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Legal lessons: Aboriginal rights and the public interest
Take a breath and consider the role of the NEB
The Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) recently released two important decisions on aboriginal title and treaty rights. While both decisions are certainly significant, contrary to the initial headlines and case comments from various media outlets, neither decision represents a marked departure from the established case law pertaining to aboriginal and treaty rights, and thus to the development of energy projects in Canada.
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October 24, 2014
Cenovus Energy Inc. says its 2015 capital program will be of a similar size to this year’s budget — between $2.8 billion and $3.1 billion — but will be more oriented to assets that generate near-term cash flow and earnings, and less towards longer-dated barrels in its inventory.
October 22, 2014
Near-term challenges could stall development of some oilsands projects, but production will still continue to grow in the long term, predicts credit rating service Standard & Poor’s.
Editor’s Blog
FirstEnergy Capital Corp. vice-president of institutional research Martin King had a clear message for attendees at this mornings energy market update: Dont sweat it, he said, adding that although watching crude oil markets lately has stoked enough anxiety in him for up to 19 nervous breakdowns per day, its going to be okay. West Texas [...]
Oilsands Prices
Close Last Trade Day Implied
Net Energy Syncrude Closing Price* ($1.25) USD/BBL $96.59
Net Energy WCS Closing Price* ($21.75) USD/BBL $76.09
Flint Hills Segregated Condensate $112.19 CAD/BBL
NYMEX WTI June 2013 $97.84 USD/BBL
North Sea Brent Blend $107.41 USD/BBL
Canadian Par Average (40 API) $91.06 CAD/BBL
AECO/NGX Spot Price $9.35 CAD/GJ

* Expressed as a basis to WTI