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Deborah Jaremko Wow - @suncorenergy commences offer for Canadian Oil Sands - would give it 49% ownership of @SyncrudeCanada project. http://t.co/zEfSN9u4ZY
About 9 hours ago
September 29, 2015

A changing climate in Alberta?

The new commitment to transparent climate policy discussion is refreshing. Can we apply the same approach to tailings management?

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Levering LNG

The case for replacing diesel with natural gas for oilsands mining fleets

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Attacking the real sources of poor construction labour productivity in Alberta

There is a good deal of concern in Alberta and other parts of the world that construction labour productivity is poor and declining.

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Alberta's new tailings management framework is encouraging, but skepticism about regulation compliance is justified

Erin Flanagan

There are few oilsands images as iconic, or as troubling, as the vast lakes of tailings waste sprawling the landscape in northeastern Alberta.

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Let's be nimble

Benefits of a short supply chain between Canadian manufacturers and oilsands operators

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The $1.2-billion fabrication question: To offshore or re-shore?

CFeature 4
The answer is both.
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Protecting the habitat of species at risk while developing energy resources

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Canada’s boreal forest is one of the largest remaining intact forest ecosystems in the world and home to songbirds, bears, wolves, bison and the world’s largest caribou herds. 
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Welcome to the dark empire

Jerome Ferber Chair National Bod
Message from Canada’s national Supply Chain Management Association 
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Why governments do the energy sector no favours with a status quo approach to climate policy

Smoke Stack
There should be no confusion about where Canada stands with respect to its efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and meet its international climate targets. 
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