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Deborah Jaremko Pushed sideways: oilsands projects delayed but "steady runner" for the future http://t.co/Uszvf2Um1E http://t.co/3gagGgvJHo
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Deborah Jaremko What a lovely new website we have! http://t.co/Jo409qhDN4 Check it out for the best in oilsands news and analysis. http://t.co/4eWPzUBbri
March 23, 2015

Lack of progress and enforcement on tailings cleanup puts social licence at risk

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Critics argue that pipeline opponents are misguided, noting that the oilsands industry currently accounts for just over 0.16 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and that per-barrel greenhouse gas emissions associated with oilsands production have been reduced by 26 per cent in recent decades. On a global scale, they say, oilsands emissions barely register.
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